Porchetta; Preserving The old Ways

porchetta buthering
sewing the porchetta

Making Porchetta in Marino Italy

Vito Bernabei a 2nd generation butcher in Marino Italy demonstrates the old way of butchering and cooking a Porchetta.

Porchetta is not a dish, its not just a cut of meat, porchetta to an Italian represents so much more. It represents a craft, history, emotion surrounding food which is quite common in the Italian culture I might add. I want to do my part to preserve the old ways, the traditions like making porchetta. In this country the cheat is to wrap a piece of pork belly around a pork loin, then tie it all together and cook it. This is the real way, taking  a whole side of pig, de-boning it, removing excess fat then sewing it together perfectly with fennel pollen and rosemary. If this crispy skin doesn’t kmake you salivate then there is something wrong with you. Just watch!


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