About Us

The Well Seasoned Gourmand is Tommy Grella the Guy in the middle. The show includes Mr. Jonathan (left) a long time DJ, and Dave Garofalo (right) now owner of 2 Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, Nashua and Seabrook, NH. Dave has been a radio DJ as well as a night club DJ, a body builder, semi-professional wrestler and a Diner owner. The threesome have been bosom buddies for years and enjoy bantering on the show.  Tommy was a finalist on The next Food Network Star Season 3, a chef, and has always been a passionate foodie. Tommy grew up down the street from a small Italian market where his family had an account. He started cooking at a young age out of necessity. His parents worked in Boston long hours and Tommy would go to the Italian market gather ingredients and often prepare dinner.  In college he was best known for his road trips often piling his car with friends and taking long drives just for pizza or a good hot dog. As a lifetime foodie Tommy wants to share his years of road trips and dining all over New England with you. But he knows that he is only as good as his audience, so he always takes recommendations and shares other local foodies favorite places on his show. You can e-mail Tommy directly if you have comments or suggestions for his show. foodie@restaurantsocialmediaexperts.com