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cakes and tarts

Bread & Chocolate European Bakery in Concord, NH 

 Bread and Chocolate Bakery on South Main St is a very European type bakery. 

Bread and Chocolate Bakery is one of the great bakeries out there. Bakeries are less common these days and great bakeries like this are a particular find in deed. We were excited when we saw the initial quality in the sparsely adorned case that day because it was late in the afternoon and they close early. We were ex tactic once we tasted our first eclair! It was sublime, real pate choux , bright yellow pastry cream, and real chocolate ganache’. More often than not you find that pale yellow pastry cream predominantly thickened with corn starch. The bright yellow indicates the use of more egg yolks and is much less grainy. I’m getting  hungry just writing this.

Breads and pastries are hearty; you aren’t going to find many Gluten Free items here.

Bread and Chocolate Bakery cakes case
Cakes and tarts

This is one of our favorite bakeries.  It is rare to find a bakery that produces beautiful pastries that taste fantastic.  I find looks of bakeries use fake butter, fake sugar, preservatives etc. and the product is tasteless.  Bread and Chocolate is the anomaly.  Their cookies are unbelievably good.  Every flavor that we have tried have been tasty, buttery and delicious.  The fruit tarts (there are several kinds) are stunning and flavorful.

Bread and Chocolate offers sweet and savory croissants, rum balls, mini tarts and pastries (the mini éclairs are in the top 3 that I have had), sticky buns and loaves of homemade bread.  You can also order a fresh made sandwich on their bread to eat there or take home.

Bread and Chocolate is located at 29 South Main St. in Concord, NH.  They do not have a web address but you can check out hours and such on their Facebook page.


pastry case at Bread and Chocolate Bakery
pastries at Bread and Chocolate


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