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The Well Seasoned Gourmand is New England’s Biggest Foodie Podcast for the Best group of Foodies anywhere.

Tommy Grella is based North of Boston and eats primarily between Boston and Maine but he also takes road trips all over New England and shares his finds on his blog and podcast. Each Week Tommy is joined by his friends Dave Garofalo of 2 Guys Smoke Shop and Mr. Jonathan to talk about Food North of Boston and all over New England. Please listen to our show and feel free to send us ideas of places you would like us to try. Thanks for being The Best Foodies Anywhere!

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The Chinese Buffet, a love hate relationship

I love all kinds of Chinese food, authentic and the American/Chinese items we are all so familiar with.  Every now and then I am in the mood for Chinese Buffet.  I don’t expect it to be as good as ordering each dish individually but there are places that come close.  The best time to do Chinese buffet is Sunday, usually for dinner.  This is when the big ticket items are on display, like lobster, oysters and prime rib. Read Article HERE


June 15th is National Lobster Day and in honor of such, we take a look at the New England Lobster Roll, or Lobsta roll as we Yankees say.


Iconic Old School Restaurants North of Boston

We are looking at Old School restaurants this week.  Those iconic places that have been around since you can remember, still doing food like they were when they opened.

Union Oyster House, Durgin Park, The Continental, Hart’s Turkey Farm, Puritan Backroom and many more

Read entire article HERE


The Well Seasoned Gourmand talks about our favorite cased meat, the humble Hot dogs on this weeks Show Episode 20

We travel all over to the Best hot dogs to share our experiences with you. Read Article HERE


Cabonnay: New Hampshire’s Best Restaurant Maybe Ever Episode 19

Fresh, Oasis and Bliss. This is the concept by the newest restaurant in Manchester, NH-Cabonnay.

I promise that you will not have been in any other restaurant like this one, not in Boston, not in New York, not in LA

It is in a sprawling 9,000 square foot building.  There is empty floor space wherever you look.  It has an industrial vibe about it with exposed steelwork ceilings and concrete floors.  And yet…..utterly calming.  Owner and CEO, Cornelius de Jong has managed to create an impressive unique dining experience out of a rundown building in Manchester. Read Article Here


The Beginners Guide to Chinatown Boston Episode 18

On this episode of The Well Seasoned Gourmand we talk all about Chinese Food including how to maneuver Chinatown if you’ve been afraid to do so.

Chinatown can be very intimidating if you’ve never really been there, especially if you don’t speak Mandarin. One look at a menu and many people are apt to run. We’ve been doing the whole Chinatown thing for years and have had many friends ask if I would take them. Instead of getting a busload we’ve decided to dedicate this show to Chinatown. Read Article Here



The Burger Show & Pickity Place on The WSG Podcast Ep: 17

This week on the Well Seasoned Gourmand we talk a Spring Time road trip to the Gardens that inspired the Illustrations for one of the most told stories of all time, Little Red Riding Hood. Elizabeth Orton Jones originally illustrated the famous children’s book from Little Golden Books in 1948, by visiting Pickity Place in Mason NH. We also talk about Burgers in and around Boston and North of Boston of course. Last week when we talked pizza everything was easy. No one ever argues that Santarpios isn’t number 1. It’s an understood fact by all true pizza loving Bostonians. The burger however is much more contentious. No one agrees. So as a start we have linked several of the respected authorities Best of Boston Burgers lists, and then we discussed the repeat entries and added some of our own favorites. Read entire article here



This Week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand Ep:16. We goodbye to the Crispelli and talk Best Pizza in each State

We start by saying goodbye to The Italian Kitchen after almost 59 years. If you do not get your crispelli and rice balls for the last time this weekend you may find yourself traveling to Sicily the next time you want them. A big Hearted thank you to Peter and Ruth Messina for their years of Service.

Dave went to his roots this week and got pizza a t The Brown Jug, better known as “the Jug” to locals and remembered how great their pizza and prices are. Which inspired us to talk about pizza. Who has the Best Pizza around……. (read article)


The Well Seasoned Gourmand Foodie Blog and Podcast Ep: 15

On this episode of The Well Seasoned Gourmand, Eating New England we go to the Bocelli’s Italian Restaurant in Medford

This week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand we eat old school style Italian at a restaurant in Medford, MA called Bocelli’s. This old school Italian establishment has changed owners over the years a few times but has managed to maintain the same Italian classics everyone knows and loves. They do those dishes extremely well, from stuffed clams to veal Parmesean and homemade fussilli pasta they have everything you could want from a restaurant like that. We talk at length about Boccelli’s, what to order, the decor, ambiance, service and pizza! This reminds us of 2 other recent experiences of Italian food. Mr. Jonathan recently went to Sabatino’s in Londonderry, now in the old train station. Dave recently went to Tuscan Kitchen in Salem NH and had pappardelle a very special way, sauteed table side in a entire wheel of parmigiano reggiano with fresh shaved black truffle. We talk about both Sabatino’s and Tuscan at length and go over exactly what we had and what was memorable. We talk about the first official weekend at Sowa market Boston this weekend including a special beer tasting and how to acquire tickets. There is anothe fodd truck event coming up in Westford MA called the Westfest Food Truck Festival & Health and Wellness Fair, we briefly talk about that and what trucks will attend. We also talk about a different kind of wine tasting  comeing up this weekend in Boston called the Boston Spring Wine Riot , Get tickets now It runs just Friday and Saturday. Thanks for Joining The Well Seasoned Gourmand!


The Well Seasoned Gourmand Foodie Blog and Podcast Ep: 14

On this episode of The Well Seasoned Gourmand, Eating New England we go to the newest BBQ restaurant in Boston Shedd’s BBQ.

(See: Shed’s Video)

Shedd’s is the newest restaurant by brother and sister team Edward and Shawn Wilson. These two grew up in Texas and traveled all over BBQ country as children with their grandmother. They know BBQ and it shows. Dave tells us about Jon Ryan’s newest pub in Methuen along the Merrimack River. Dave also took his mother to one of Nick Verano’s restaurants Strip by Strega, and has a fabulous experience. We briefly talk about the importance of mis en place when cooking at home. We mention an interesting Wine Tasting in Malden coming up. And we talk about the newest restaurant added to the Eately Empire here in Boston, Terra.


The Well Seasoned Gourmand Foodie Blog and Podcast Ep: 13

This week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand and Foodie Blog & Podcast we head to a Grazie in Four Oaks Country Club the best Italian Restaurant in Dracut, MA

In This Episode of the Well Seasoned Gourmand Eating New England Podcast we tell the best foodies anywhere about Grazie Restaurant in Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut, MA. On this episode of The Well Seasoned Gourmand Eating New England we go to Grazie Restaurant. Grazie is part of Four Oaks Country Club and we are completely swept into Italy. It was a delightful experience. We had antipasto and sausage stuffed crust pizza cooked in their wood fired pizza oven exposed to the dining room. We also tried the veal saltimboca and wild boar braised bolognese over papardelle. It was divine, by far the Best Italian Restaurant in Dracut! Mr Jonathan talks trash and David Shows up late as he was in NYC and gives us the inside scoop to one of the most prestigious high end fund raisers of the year, A dinner to help fund research for Prostate Cancer at $1,500 a plate. Was he impressed? We talk at length about the upcoming food truck extravaganza at The Greenway coming up April 22nd, (Facebook Page). Food trucks included are The Bon Me Truck, Frozen Hoagies, Taco Party, Wallon’s Fried Chicken, Mei Mei Street Kitchen, The Roving Lunch BoxThe Dining Car, and many more. Finally, we mention some Spring Wine tastings Like one at Savour’s in Gloucester,MA and talk about the history the original dry martini.

The Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 12

 In This Episode of the Well Seasoned Gourmand Eating New England Podcast we tell the best foodies anywhere about Pigtale in Nashua NH owned by Chris Normandin and Rob

Jean from Sorrelina in Boston. We talk about the Food Truck extravaganza, Greenway Mobile Eats, coming up in Boston. Shed’s BBQ opens March 29th in Boston, and a Korean restairant in Cambridge opens called BB.Q Chicken with a very unique menu. Food and Wine Magazine names the best Farm to Table Restaurants in each state and Moxy in Portsmouth NH and Clover Food labs in Boston takes their respective states, also Fore Street in Portland ME and Persimmon in R.I.  Jaju opens on Monday nights in April in Sillari’s Pizza spot in Malden, get homemade Pierogi in this pop up for Mondays in April ONLY. Macy’s Liquors and Pamplemousse have Spring wine tastings. And finally we discuss the history of the original Dry martini.


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 11

This Week on The Well Seasoened Gourmand we eat at La Brasa in Somerville MA. We talk about making simple syrup to make your ice tea even better, NH Restaurant Week coming up March 24-31st. Brews Bourbon and BBQ Blues Night at Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury MA. 15th Annual Taste of South Boston.Grand Wine tasting at Marty’s in Newton MA on April 8th.How to make home made ranch dressing.Flo’s Hot Dogs for great cheap Eats in York Maine and Bruch at Highland Kitchen in Somerville MA


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 10

This week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand Food Blog North of Boston and New England we talk about Caribbean food, specifically we go to a place called La Perle in Everett, MA. We meet the owner Val and eat the best beef pate we have ever had, even on the islands! We also tried a Caribbean PuPu platter that we just loved! Mr Jonathan talks about breakfast at The Purple Finch Cafe’. We talk about another 2 fast casual Japanese restaurant openings (Kokeshi and Yoki Express , as if we needed more, there have been 9 in the Boston area since January 1st this year! In the Spirits we talk about the Hipster Wicked Wine Fest on April 29th at Boston Center for the arts as well as the Worcester Brew Woo coming up on April 1st. There is a secret way to get discount tickets to the Wine Fest we reveal. We talk about what to do with all that left over corned beef after your St Patrick’s Day hangover, and why there are different kinds of butter and what type you should be cooking with. Finally in the bargain eats section of the program we talk about pastelitos or empanadillas, depending on what you want to call them. We talk about where to get them including Pikalo and Miguelina’s in Lawrence and La Differencia and our new favorite Eliu’s in Lowell. We learned about a secret “off the menu” pasteltio you can request at Eliu’s that is a delicious desert style fried treat. All This and more on this week’s Well Seasoned Gourmand!


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 9

This Week on The WellSeasoned Gourmand we talk about Restaurant Week Boston the entire show, Restaurant week this year runs 2 weeks actually. March 5-10 and March 12-17. Participating restaurants offer special menus at special pricing that each restaurant must honor. On the show we narrow down the huge list to the few we believe you must go to and why. We also include several add on’s that they are not talking about for restaurant week, like where to get $1 oysters before you go to one of the selected participating restaurants for dinner.


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 8

This Week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand we talk about The Daily Catch a true staple of the North End on Hanover Street in Boston. The Daily catch is famous for being small, cramped having long lines and some of the best pasta and seafood in the entire state. I’d even say some of the best Italian Style Seafood and pasta I have ever had! We talk about places that give good deals for people on their Birthdays. We talk about The Waltham Food and Wine festival, etiqutte when you are asked to pick a wine as the guest at a nice restaurant, and we talk about breakfast at The Gallows in Boston.


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 7

The WellSeasoned Gourmand Episode 7 we try the real deal Chinese DUmplings at Wangs Fast Food in Somerville MA. And we take a road trip to the most Polish city in the U.S. New Britain Connecticut. IN New Britain we eat at several places and shop fro authentic bacon, keilbasa and pierogi.


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 6

The Well Seasoned Gourmand talks about tapas at Pinxto Pincho in Woburn MA, we take a roadtrip to Concord NH and eat Italian at Angelina’s Restaurant get eclairs at Bread and Chocolate go food shopping at Concord Co-op and talk about Parkers Maple barn in Mason NH. We also give you a kitchen tip for how to keep a pan from boiling over and go over an easy way to make those delicious egg souffles from Panera bread at home.

Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 5

Well Seasone Gourmand Eating New England. Its National Pizza Day so we talk about our favorite kind of pizza and pizza places. We talk about Rosebud Kitchen in Somerville. We take a road trip to Keene NH and eat and go to a cafe that roasts its own coffee. Recipe of the week is slow braised pork belly

Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 4


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 3


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 2


Well Seasoned Gourmand Episode 1