Gene’s Flatbread Cafe

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Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Café   

Gene’s Chinese has 3 locations, Boston, Westford and Woburn. 

The menu at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe is not vast as it is at so many typical Chinese restaurants. And they don’t have all of the typical Chinese American dishes you may be used to. But if you have an adventurous palate what they do have is some of the best and most unique cheap eats this fat guy has ever tasted.

My first experience was at their original location in Chelmsford, MA. Someone suggested I try the hand pulled noodles at Gene’s. Of course I was perpledxed by the name. You want to me to get hand pulled noodles at a flatbread cafe’? Shouldn’t I get the pizza? And how does this Chinese guy know how to make pizzaq. I know it all sounds like that game, “Which one doesn’t look like the others”. I agree. Nothing  about the name makes sense. But they’ve managed to overcome this oddity by creating  some very interesting flavors and a great value.

There are perhaps 10 items all together.  The Xi’an chilled noodles are a favorite at 5.60 but only available on weekends.  Spicy hand pulled noodles for 6$, Beef, pork or lamb flatbread sandwich for 4.50 (more like a Bao sandwich), lamb hand pulled noodle soup for 11$, Hot and Sour dumpling soup for 8.87 or 1.50 each

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe
Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe
Gene’s Chinese Flatbread

Gene Wu came here 15 years ago from Xi’an, the capital of Northwest China Province of Shaanxi.  He came here to study chemistry and ended up opening a noodle pulling restaurant.  And we sure are glad he did.  If you love spicy authentic Chinese cuisine at a ridiculously cheap price, then this is the place

Originally located in Chelmsford which closed a few years ago, Gene’s now has 3 locations.  Gene’s Flatbread Café is located at 175 Littleton Rd in Westford, 466 Main St in Woburn and 86 Bedford St in Boston.  You can check out the entire menu at


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