George’s Coney Island in Worcester

George’s Coney Island in Worcester: Hot Dog Heaven


Have a hankering for an old-time hotdog?  Then you’re in luck.  Worcester is home to George’s Coney Island who has been serving hotdogs at their location since 1929.   The place was recently renovated in 1938 and still has the same décor.  Menu is simple, hotdogs, burgers, egg sandwiches, grilled cheese.  Get your hotdog with the works (yellow mustard, George’s famous chili sauce, and chopped onion).  Ketchup, Relish, Mayo and cheese are also options.

Nothing fancy here, just hotdogs and sandwiches the way you remember them.  Beer on tap and full bar is also available. George’s Coney Island can be found at 158 Southbridge St. in Worcester and you can view their full menu and read a little bit of their history at


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