GoPapaya: Save up to 50% when dining out

GoPapaya:  Now in Boston



Boston has a brand new dining app.  GoPapaya is an app for last minute reservations.  If you want to go out to dinner but did not make a reservation and aren’t sure where tables are available, go to your phone and open GoPapaya.  The app will tell you where there are open tables waiting for you.  The catch is that you need to be there within 30 minutes.  The benefit…and this is incredible!…you get 10-50% off your entire check, excluding alcohol !!  The app will show you where tables are open and what discount you will get.  All you have to do is be there in 30 minutes.  The app tells the restaurant when you arrive so that other guests aren’t aware that you have a different deal than they do.

Right now GoPapaya only covers Boston, Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown and a few restaurants outside these areas.  This service is also for parties of 4 or less

You can download the app at the Applestore or Googlestore.



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