Jessica’s Brick Oven

Bread and butter on mini cutting board

Jessica’s Brick Oven

Jessica’s Brick Oven Bread displayed at market Basket in Salem NH

This week let’s talk about bread.  I recently tried 2 breads made by Jessica’s Brick Oven.  One was a rye Pane that I used to make Reuben’s.  It was perfect for the job.  The slice was slightly thicker, bread had a little chew to it but was not hard.  The problem with most Rye breads is that they are too hard and chewy or too soft and fall apart when making a sandwich such as a Reuben  It was flavorful, just the right amount of sour and seeds.

The other was a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread.  This bread tastes like homemade when you toast it.  They also have French toast and cinnamon swirl.

Jessica’s is a local wholesale bakery whose products are sold locally in supermarkets, gourmet shops, and Big box stores ( such as BJ’s).  Their breads are made with the finest ingredients and along with good manufacturing and food safety systems this ensures consistent quality products.

For a list of products and where you can find them go to:


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