La Fruiteria

La fruteria is a Latino Market that serves the largely Dominican population in Lawrence Massachusetts. So for those of us who are not born Latino it can be intimidating to go to. First it’s kind of hard to find off of Broadway Street in Lawrence. It looks like it’s part of an Old Mill building. You pull into the parking lot that hasn’t been repaved in what seems like 50 years dodging the potholes and trying to park your car in and amongst the chaos as there are no lines and the parking lot is not flat.

The front of the store is covered with particle board and painted beneath the windows is a sign bearing the markets name. Again it seems as though the paint has been weathered for 30 plus years. To the left of the front of the store is a set of wooden dilapidated stairs or a handicap ramp. You walk inside and immediately UC for checkout lines to your right, usually only one is staffed. Straight ahead you have five store isles along the back of the market there are meat cases and there’s you walk to the right you see a butcher shop, behind that is a refrigerated room with dairy and produce.

Produce room at La Fruiteria Lawrence MA

So far I’ve not said anything which seems appealing to most readers on shore. But if you’re a true foodie this place is something you should seek out. People who go to LA fruteria that are not Dominican and not from the area earn their stripes as being amongst the best of the best Foodies in Northern Massachusetts. For example you can get goat meat, oxtails, longganisa sausage, Whole pork belly, chicken hearts, chicken feet. And that’s just some of the daunting cuts of meat. If you’re looking for hard to find dried spices like Dominican ground oregano or annatto seed they have it all. It may not be laid out in a way that you’re used to, and things might be difficult for you to read if you don’t speak Spanish. But if you’re a true foodie trust me when I tell you there are hidden treasures all over the place. I haven’t even mentioned the prices yet. Because the market is in the heart of one of the poorest cities in the country the prices accommodate its residents. You’ll find that most of the prices are extremely competitive if not the cheapest you’ve seen. I love going to the produce section and finding fresh yuca, ñame, plantains but not just green yellow and even black. The black are the most prized for making Maduros, fried sweet plantains. So it’s not the cleanest Market you’ve ever been in English is not the first language they speak and you have to be brave to even get through the neighborhoods to get there. But if you are amongst the finest of the fine Foodies and you have not yet been I highly recommend stopping in the next time you’re in the area


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