Little Zoe’s Take and Bake

Little Zoe’s Take and Bake is a pizza shop where you pick up your pizza and bake it at home. 

They say if you follow their baking instructions it will be as good, as or better than picking it up hot.  You can get your pizza at 4pm, take it home and bake it off at 7pm.  Very convenient for the busy family

Zoe’s offers 5 styles of crust, 12 sauces, and over 70 toppings.  Crusts offered are traditional, WW, GF, Rosemary Parmesan and a seasonal.

Sauces offered are red, Alfredo, Spicy BBQ, creamy tomato, Pesto and 7 more.  Toppings include the usual as well as roasted corn and peppers, marinated onions, Tasso ham, green beans and about 65 more!

In addition to making your own combo, Little Zoe’s offers over 30 combos including, a Reuben and a magnum PI which is Canadian Ham, bacon, pineapple, almonds, red sauce and a cheese blend.  You could get a different pizza every week for a year!

Little Zoe’s also has 3 different salads in 3 sizes and their unique garlic buns in five flavors.  The original has fresh garlic, oregano, Parmesan, and granulated garlic or the spicy buns with Mongolian fire oil, fresh garlic, red pepper flake and cheese blend.

Little Zoe’s is located at the Colony Mill Marketplace, 149 Emerald St, in Keene, NH.  Check out their full menu with all of the combinations possible at


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