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Parker's Special

Parker’s Maple Barn For Breakfast  

For one of the best breakfasts in New England, try  Parker’s Maple Barn Restaurant.  Parker’s is actually in an old maple barn and is on the premises of a working maple farm.  It is a wonderful place to visit, especially with little kids.

Definitely not a fancy place but the food is all home-made with an emphasis on maple.  You will be seated at tables made from huge tree logs in a rustic barn setting looking out to a wooded view.  The pancakes are the winner here, although I always combine them in a combo platter.  The Parker’s Breakfast Special comes with 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham, home fries and toast.  Now I know it seems like 2 pancakes are probably not enough, but I will say they are a good size.

Pancake choices are plain, blueberry, pumpkin (very popular), buckwheat, blueberry buckwheat or the seasonal.  I usually choose blueberry buckwheat and Sharon does the pumpkin or seasonal.  If you can get there when the seasonal is strawberry (I think May), you are in luck.  They are to die for.

Parker’s has a homemade corned beef hash and also the lesser known ham hash which is quite good.  The maple baked beans are a nice addition and you can even get maple baby back ribs and eggs.  They have the usual omelets, eggs benedicts, French toast etc.  Obviously everything is served with their own maple syrup, which is worth the trip itself.  Breakfast is served all day and lunch starts at 11:30am.  Lunch offers burgers, chicken stew, turkey dinner and other New England fare.

Breakfast at Parker's Maple Barn
Parker’s Breakfast Special
Parker's maple barn home made corned beef hash breakfast
Corned Beef Hash for Breakfast

On site is the Corn Crib gift shop.   Local country crafts are their specialty.  Dozens of flavors of jams, jellies, and marmalades line the shelves as well as hundreds of scented candles, herbal teas, greeting cards and a grand toy and candy selection for the kids.  They have a full line of super spicy Southwestern sauces and salsas as well as a large selection of items from the southwest.

The Sugar House is in full operation March until mid-April every year.   They make maple syrup the old fashioned way, with a wood fire. This gives the maple syrup a distinct flavor that you just don`t get with an oil fire.  During sugar season, one can sometimes find a wait to enter the restaurant but their sugar house offers full tours of the operation to help you pass the time.
Parker’s Maple Barn is located at 1316 Brookline Rd, Mason NH.  You can view their website at


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