Best Boston Cream Donuts Boston and North

    Best Boston Cream Donut, Half Baked Beverly Farms

    Best Boston Cream Donuts Boston and North

    Boston Cream Donut Half Baked Beverly Farms , MA

    This week we are talking about the best Boston Cream Donuts Boston and North.  We have a lot of donut shops in Massachusetts, both chains and independent shops.  We are not really going to talk about big donut chains as they are not producing very good donuts.  This is mainly because they are using pre-done mixes including fillings and frostings.  Many independent shops have switched over to mixes like Bake N’ Joy etc. and what you end up with is a bland donut with fillings that are too sweet and fake tasting.  Fortunately we have found some quality shops still making donuts the old fashioned way, hand cutting them and making all of the parts (fillings, glazes, toppings) from scratch.

    Recently, a bunch of what I call hipster donut shops have opened with gluten-free and vegan options that use ingredients like matcha, Nutella, crème brulee, kitschy cereal like pebbles for topping etc.  And the best part is the donuts are $3-4 apiece.  Examples of these are:  Blackbird Donuts, Union Square Donuts and Davis Square Hand Cut Donuts and Bagels and I’m sure the cape has a few more options.  Don’t get me wrong, the donuts are delicious.  And it’s awesome that someone who is gluten intolerant or vegan can now eat a donut.  It’s just that $4.00 for 1 donut, that’s $48.00 a dozen, is just a little too steep for most people.

     Best of the best

     Half Baked Café, Beverly Farms, MA

    Best Boston Cream Donut, Half Baked Beverly Farms

    Oh how I wish we lived near Half Baked.  This is a magical place.  They hand-cut each donut and make everything that goes in or on it.  They make their own bread and all of their pastry items.  It is also a cute café that serves salads and sandwiches.  The owner Kelly has a real passion for doing things right.  So, let’s talk about the Beverly Cream ($2.50).  Best one I have ever had.  It is stuffed full with homemade pastry cream that is not too sweet for starters.  The chocolate on top is a nice thick layer of chocolate ganache.  The donut has a great taste and is soft with a bit of a crispy outside.

    Inside is adorable and very welcoming.  Everything looks delicious.  While we were there, we tried a blueberry cake donut and maple bacon.  The blueberry cake had actual blueberries in it with no artificial blueberry flavor.  It was tasty and crispy on the outside.  I am not usually fond of maple bacon donuts as so many people have done them so badly.  Not this one.  It had great REAL maple flavor and the bacon was excellent.  Accepts credit cards.  1 W St, Beverly Farms, MA

    Lyndell’s Bakery, Somerville

    Best Boston Cream Donut, Lyndell's in Somerville MA

    This is a Somerville institution.  The Boston Cream ($1.00) donut was incredibly fresh, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the filling inside was light and had more depth of flavor than a typical custard filled donut. There was no overly sweet fake taste to the cream; it was clearly made from scratch.  The star, however, was the chocolate topping.  It was a beautiful chocolate ganache that brought the whole thing together.  In addition to donuts, Lyndell’s makes all sorts of breads, rolls and pastries.   I can’t even believe we didn’t get a loaf of honeycomb graham bread.  720 Broadway, Somerville

    Gail Ann Coffee Shop, Arlington

    Gail’s is an old school Coffee Shop that sells donuts, breakfast sandwiches and pastries.  It is not a big place and it gets very crowded during busy times.  The Boston Cream ($1.50) was a sturdy donut with homemade Bavarian cream and delicious chocolate on top.  It was a pleasure to bite into.  10 Medford St, Arlington

    Kane’s, Saugus

    Kane’s is a North Shore landmark and for good reason as they have been putting out delicious donuts since 1955.  What is unique about Kane’s is that they are a bit of a hybrid, a little bit old school donut shop and a little bit hipster newbie.  Kane’s is serving artisan donuts prepared fresh daily, and made fresh with local ingredients.  They have 16 standard flavors, including 2 Gluten free options, and 3 rotating special donuts each month.  The donuts are quite substantial and cost $2.00.  The Boston Cream was quite delicious, Beautiful Swiss chocolate on top and homemade Bavarian cream inside.  Beware, on a Saturday or Sunday morning the line is 20 or 30 deep and goes out the door.  120 Lincoln Ave, Saugus

    Coffee Time Bake Shop, Salem

    Boston Cream Donut Coffee Time Salem MA

    Coffee Time is a small old-school looking donut shop on Bridge St in Beverly.  We stopped in for a quick snack not really expecting it to be very good but boy were we pleasantly surprised.   The Boston Cream was just a delight.  The chocolate glaze is made with real chocolate, very close to ganache.  The custard was definitely homemade, it did not have that too sweet fake taste that most Boston Creams have and the donut part was soft and chewy with a bit of a crispy outside.  The best part is the donuts are about a buck a piece and the coffee was decent as well.  Coffee Time also makes their own croissants, English muffins and biscuits for their breakfast sandwiches. Accepts credit cards.  96 Bridge St, Salem 

    Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts, West Roxbury

    This place looks like a blast from the past inside and out and their donuts are no joke.  Opened in 1965, Donna’s is still making donuts the way they did then. The Boston Cream was a substantial donut but still soft and light.  The cream was homemade and the thick layer of Swiss chocolate icing was delicious.  There is a reason they are still around after all of these years.  Cash Only.  2056 Centre St, West Roxbury

    Best of the Rest

    Klemm’s Bakery, Windham

    Started in 1978 as a small corner bakery, Klemm’s is now one of the biggest suppliers of baked goods to NH restaurants and businesses.  Klemm’s owns multiple gas station locations that have small bakeries within them.  29 Indian Rock Rd, Windham

    Heavenly Donuts, multiple locations

    Out of the chains, Heavenly is probably the best of the bunch.  Their donuts are usually fresh and the Boston Cream competes with some of the smaller shops.

    Market Basket, multiple locations

    Market Basket’s Boston Cream is actually pretty good.  It is a large donut with a good amount of filling and they are usually fresh as they make them throughout the day.

    Donna’s Donuts, Tewksbury

    Donna's Donuts Tewksbury MA, burger donut and Boston Cream Donut

    Donna’s Donuts has been around for years.  They are well-known for their donuts that are takes on regular food such as the steak and cheese donut or the hamburger donut.  They also make breakfast sandwiches.  We loved that the Boston Cream was fresh with a good amount of filling.  Accepts credit cards.  2106 Main St, Tewksbury

    Ziggy and Son’s Donuts, Salem & Peabody

    Ziggy’s does donuts, pastries and cakes.  They have 2 locations, one in Salem and one in Peabody.  The owner was very friendly and the Boston cream donut was pretty good.  The donut was a little on the small side but it was only a buck!  That’s ok, it’s not a $4 donut.  The selection isn’t huge and they do run out early.  They accept cash only.  474 Lowell St, Peabody

    Doughboy Donuts and Deli, South Boston

    Doughnut Boy South Boston

    The best thing about Doughboy’s is that they are open 24 hours and the donuts come out at 10pm at night, the exact opposite of everybody else.  This is the only place that I have seen Boston cream munchkins!  Adorable!  The price of the regular donuts is $1.30 and the donuts are substantial.  They will also make a breakfast sandwich on a donut for you.  Mmmmmm.  They do accept credit cards.  220 Dorchester Ave, South Boston      24 hours


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