Iconic Old School Restaurants North of Boston

    Prime Rib at The Hungry Traveler Old School Restaurants
    Prime Rib at The Hungry Traveler

    Iconic Old School Restaurants North of Boston

    We are looking at Old School restaurants this week.  Those iconic places that have been around since you can remember, still doing food like they were when they opened.

    Union Oyster House, Boston

    The Union Oyster House enjoys the unique distinction of being America’s oldest restaurant. This Boston fixture, housed in a building dating back to Pre-Revolutionary days, started serving food in 1826 and has continued ever since. Daniel Webster was a constant customer at the oyster bar. Since 1826, the Union Oyster House has known only three owners.  The Kennedy family were Union Oyster House regulars (and have a dedicated booth), among other well-known diners, and the future king of France lived on the second floor in exile in 1796.  This old school restaurant is known for their clam chowder, seafood, lobster dinners, and of course for the oysters.  The menu is mainly seafood but they do have some landlubber options. www.unionoysterhouse.com

    Union Oyster House Old School Restaurants
    Union Oyster House

    Durgin Park, Boston

    The origin of Durgin Park and it’s typically Yankee recipes goes back to the pre- revolutionary days. In 1742 Peter Faneuil, the topmost merchant in town, erected a large market house near the waterfront.  The building housed a small dining room that catered to market men and the crews of ships anchored in Boston Harbor.  You can choose from a wide selection of comfort food and classic New England fare such as the Clam Chowder, The clambake, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Roast Stuffed Tom Turkey, the signature Prime Rib, or other Yankee favorites.  They charcoal broil steaks, chops, and hamburgers on an open grill in the dining room,  receive seafood fresh daily, they use only fresh lobster, and serve baked beans cooked in stone pots.  If you ask a local what they are most known for:  sassy, short-tempered waitresses!  www.arkrestaurants.com/durgin_park

    Yankee Pot Roast Durgin Park Old School Restaurants
    Yankee Pot Roast Durgin Park

    The Continental, Saugus MA

    Family owned and operated, The Continental has set the standard for dining excellence on Boston’s North Shore for over 60 years.   If you are looking for a hip and trending place, this is not it.  It is old school at its best. The food is classic and plentiful.  The decor has not changed in years and the standards are the same. They feature hand cut steaks and locally harvested seafood purchased daily.  One of the unique things they do is come around with appetizers while you wait for dinner.  You also get a bread basket and cheese and crackers with bean dip, and popovers to munch on.  The menu has a lot of seafood offerings, prime rib, lamb, beef, pork and chicken.  The appetizer menu is huge with both hot and cold offerings.  www.continentalsaugus.com

    The Continental Old School Restaurants
    The Continental

    Hungry Traveler, Salisbury MA

    This is by no means a fancy restaurant; it is solid home cooking with large portions.  It has been here as long as I can remember and has not changed either on the inside or the outside.  The Hungry Traveler has been owned by the same family for more than 40 years.  The menu has remained pretty much the same since 1976 and is full of old-school favorites:  Veal Oscar, baked stuffed clams, Haddock Au gratin, Rack of Lamb, Lobster Pie, Prime Rib, Baked stuffed Lobsters, Escargot, Fried Seafood and French Onion Soup.  Yes the place needs a face lift, but the prices are fair and the food is always good.  The servers are friendly and know the locals by name.  Going to the Hungry Traveler rings back memories of old local eateries where your grandparents took you for a special dinner out during your childhood.  www.hungrytravelerrestaurant.com

    Fisherman's Platter at Hungry Traveler Old School Restaurants
    Fisherman’s Platter- Hungry Traveler

    Hart’s Turkey Farm, Meredith NH

    Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant, locally owned and operated by the Hart family since 1954, specializes in everything Turkey and other delicious food.  It seats 500 people so it is a favorite of buses stopping on their way up to the mountains.  Hart’s makes everything right on the premises.  This includes relishes, salad dressings, fresh whipped potatoes, gravies, soups and chowders (made from simmered rich stocks), desserts, dinner rolls, and other tasty delights, including their own premium ice cream.  The tender roasted turkeys are expertly prepared into one of their famous turkey dinners, turkey meatballs, or turkey croquettes, turkey pie, or turkey meatloaf.  Hart’s is famous for the Turkey Plate which comes in small, medium and jumbo and includes potato, stuffing, vegetables, cranberry sauce and gravy.  You can get all white meat or a mix of both white and dark.  In addition to the signature turkey dishes, the restaurant serves popular steak and seafood specialties and offers a mini-menu for those who want smaller portions.   You can also buy their famous carrot relish in the gift shop.  www.hartsturkeyfarm.com

    Hart's Turkey Farm Old School Restaurants
    Hart’s Turkey Farm turkey pie

    The Puritan, Manchester, NH

    The Puritan Backroom in Manchester has been serving up meals in the Queen City for 100 years! It’s been family owned for four generations by the Pappas family.  The Greek-inspired menu has a fair sprinkling of New England dishes, including lobster, haddock and several options for fried seafood.  Portions are very generous and every entrée includes coffee or tea; an ample bread basket; Greek house salad or soup of the day; and a side dish.  They are most famous for Chicken fingers, Greek mac and cheese and mudslides (of which they have 16 different varieties).   In addition to the restaurant the Puritan also offers event space for weddings and private parties, a bustling to-go and prepared foods take-out counter, and an indoor/outdoor ice cream window.  www.puritanbackroom.com

    Puritan Coconut Chicken Fingers Old School Restaurants
    Puritan, Coconut Chicken Fingers

    The Colosseum Restaurant, Salem NH

    Annibale Todesca, the Owner and Executive Chef of The Colosseum Restaurant opened in 1987.  He received the Best Italian Chef and Restaurant in the World – given by the Guardians of the Nine Doors.  This prestigious award has never been won by any other restaurant in the United States and the year he won his award the second and third place restaurants were both from Italy.  Consequently, Chef Annibale is the real deal.  His menu is mainly Southern Italian and quite authentic and he uses only the finest ingredients and imports many of them.  One of our favorite appetizers on the menu is the Eggplant alla Romana.  The chef stuffs the eggplant with ricotta cheese and Romano and Parmesan cheeses then covered with tomato sauce and cheese and baked.  In addition, the tableside Caesar Salad is fantastic.  Very few restaurants go to the trouble to do this now.  There are too many entrees to mention but among our favorites is the Spaghetti & Salsicce (Sausages), the Veal chop Valdostana, and the Gnocchi.  Another favorite is the Shrimps Tarantella.  You will not be disappointed with anything you order.  www.colosseumrestaurant.com


    In The News

    Boston Pickle Fair   Saturday, June 17 at 11 AM – 5 PM

    Pickle and fermentation vendors will come together for a country fair celebrating the art of pickling.  The day includes demonstrations, home pickling contests, games and samples from some all-star pickle companies. There will be beer and pickle pairings, BBQ and other yummy food, fermented foods and gifts, and live bands.  Tickets on sale at Boston Pickle Fair at The Innovation and Design Building, Boston  www.facebook.com/events/1692039677764547

     Kennebunkport Festival   Monday, June 5, 2017 – Saturday, June 10, 2017, PM – 11:45 PM

    This is a week-long festival with many events throughout the week, including a grand tasting, art shows, music festival, cocktail parties, and gourmet dinners etc.  You can either purchase tickets to individual events or a pass that includes everything.  A tasting party features more than 25 of Maine’s top chefs who’ll share bites of their favorite dishes with you.  Of course they pair these bites with complimentary wines.  Saturday June 10th from 12pm-3pm, tickets are 65$, at the Pilot House Restaurant, State Route 9, Kennebunk.  A craft music festival plays on Saturday June 10th,  Village Green – 6 Pleasant Street, Kennebunkport.  It will feature live music, dancing, great food trucks, and craft beer.   www.kennebunkportfestival.com

    LaBelle Winery, Introduction to Wine Tasting Workshop, Wednesday June 7th from 6pm-7pm

    Join Winemaker Amy LaBelle for a class focused on how to taste and appreciate wine. Receive an understanding of:  how wine is made, the proper steps to tasting wine, wine tasting terms, how to identify wine aromas, how to properly order wine in a restaurant and how to pair wine and more.  LaBelle Winery provides a very casual learning environment.  Class fee includes Wine and tasting materials.  Price: $40.00 + 9.00% New Hampshire Tax + Gratuity            www.labellewineryevents.com


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