WSG Eating NE ep 10

La Perle Caribbean restaurant
LaPerle in Everett, MA promotional video

This week on The Well Seasoned Gourmand Food Blog North of Boston and New England we talk about Caribbean food, specifically we go to a place called La Perle in Everett, MA. We meet the owner Val and eat the best beef pate we have ever had, even on the islands! We also tried a Caribbean PuPu platter that we just loved!  Mr Jonathan talksa bout breakfast at The Purple Finch Cafe’. We talk about another 2  fast casual Japanese restaurant openings (Kokeshi and Yoki Express , as if we needed more, there have been 9 in the Boston area since January 1st this year! IN the Spirits we talk about the Hipster Wicked Wine Fest on April 29th at Boston Center for the arts as well as the Worcester Brew Woo coming up on April 1st. There is a secret way to get discount tickets to the Wine Fest we reveal. We talk about what to do with all that left over corned beef after your St Patrick’s Day hangover, and why there are different kinds of butter and what type you should be cooking with. Finally in the bargain eats section of the program we talk about pastelitos or empanadillas, depending on what you want to call them. We talk about where to get them including Pikalo and Miguelina’s in Lawrence and La Differencia and our new favorite Eliu’s in Lowell. We learned about a secret “off the menu” pasteltio you can request at Eliu’s that is a delicious desert style fried treat. All This and more on this week’s Well Seasoned Gourmand!


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