WSG Trys Shed’s BBQ Boston 1 week after Opening

Edward and Shawn Wilson owners of Shed's BBQ in Boston
Edward and Shawn Wilson owners of Shed's BBQ in Boston

WSG trys Shed’s BBQ 1 Week After Opening

Only 1 week after opening brother and sister team Edward and Shawn Wilson have completely nailed it with their newest restaurant Shed’s BBQ in downtown Boston.

The Well Seasoned Gourmand goes to Shed’s BBQ in Boston 1 week after it opens only to find some of the best BBQ in the Northeast. Brother and Sister team Edward and Shawn Wilson are veterans on the Boston Food Scene. Shawn opened up Viga Eatery in the late 90’s and was later joined by her brother Edward. This year they decided to open something completely different, a BBQ restaurant. Shed’s is a no frills, no china, no metal cutlery BBQ restaurant. In this writers opinion, it’s exactly what BBQ is supposed to be, relaxed and friendly. But its all about the BBQ meat. Shed’s uses a pair of indoor smokers that vent outside. You don’t have to worry about your Armani suit smelling like burnt hickory here. However they do use hickory to get the BBQ just right. each smoker hold 400lbs of meat and is loaded to capacity each night. Edward wakes up early every day takes care of his twin boys, 3 dogs and 2 smokers. Edward’s attention to his smokers is what makes Shed’s authentic, the BBQ has that signature smoke ring and the meat is so tender but the smoke isn’t overpowering which is so often the case at other BBQ restaurants. The WSG gives Shed’s an A+, exactly what he wants in a BBQ joint!


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